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SEAON Committees

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Committees Overview

If you'd like to get involved with one of these committees, please email the associated chairperson.

Student Chapter and outreach

Chairperson: Kyle Kauzlarich

For information on student outreach (including Scholarships) please contact



Chairperson: Kevin Wenninghoff

Co-Chairs: Linsey Brown, Kate Fickle, Tyler Schmidt.

For membership questions please contact us,

Structural Conference

Chairperson: Rich Kotan

For additional information on our Structural Conferences, please contact us,


Professional Practices Codes and Standards

Chairperson: Adam Christensen

For codes and standards please contact us,

Communication and Website

Chairperson: Jeff Pankoke

For information on the website and communications,email

Professional Engineers Coalition (PEC)

Representative Jeff Stevens

For more information on PEC please email:


Programs and Meetings

Chairperson: Rob Whorley

For details and questions please contact us,

Professional Practice Committees

SEAON Publications

Chairperson: Amgad Girgis

For Public Relations and Publicity - Dustin Cole.

For Social Media - Kevin Wenninghoff.