Message from the President!

Posted on October, 2016

The mission of SEAoN is to advance and promote the art and science of Structural Engineering, both in Nebraska and nationally as a member of the National Council of Structural Engineering Associations (NCSEA). For our members, we provide continuing education events, networking opportunities, and awareness of both state and national issues related to our profession. For students of structural engineering, we support a student chapter as well as provide other resources, and host events where you can learn about the profession and meet practicing engineers. For the public, we provide input toward the adoption of statutes and ordinances effecting the health and welfare of the public.
One priority of my term will be outreach from the structural engineering profession to other professions, and to the general public. The practice of structural engineering has a very positive impact on our quality of life that often goes without notice. Better awareness of our role in society will increase our ability to advocate for maintaining and improving public safety.

Best regards,
- Jeff Stevens, President

Scheduled Events

Date Topic Location
 January 11, 2018 January Dinner Mtg Granite City
 February 22, 2018 E-Week Banquet Field Club Omaha
 March 8, 2018 March Dinner Mtg Misty's

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