Quarterly Dinner Meetings

The SEAON dinner meetings are informal opportunities to mix continuing education, social interaction, and organizational business. They boast a consistently strong attendance base and typically draw a strong keynote speaker to set the stage for discussion.

Professional Practice Committees

Members of our Professional Practice Committee have assisted governmental agencies in the editing of local building codes and are currently working to develop professional practice guidelines for the State of Nebraska. Through this and other established committees, SEAON offers an exciting and challenging opportunity to have an impact on the community and on the engineering profession.

Student Outreach Program

The SEAON Student Outreach Program is a joint effort with the University of Nebraska designed to encourage local and national internship placement of qualifying SEAON Student Members. It is newly formed program designed to pair students with a volunteer mentor base to facilitate the development of professional relationships and industry connections.

What does SEAON do?

As a member of SEAON some of the benefits you will enjoy include guest speakers and networking opportunities at chapter sponsored conferences, dinner meetings, and social events. The meetings include research presentations, project highlights, and active discussion with some of the most knowledgeable and respected engineers in the structural engineering field. Learning firsthand from these experts is a valuable, time-saving opportunity to expand your individual knowledge base an meet your CEU requirements.

Annual Structural Conferences

The annual structural conferences in the fall and spring provide an opportunity for members across the state to meet and share their ideas and viewpoints. Highlighted by technical presentations from both members and guest speakers, these events are high on educational value and have consistently been rated as a rewarding experience by those in attendance.

Structural Liability Responding to Disaster

Representing SEAON and the PEC, Jeff Stevens recently testified before the Judiciary Committee responsible for this bill.  SEAON's position is in SUPPORT of this bill, providing protection to engineers who assist government agencies during emergency response situations. The transcript of his testimony can be found here: LB22

Board of Directors:
Position Director Term Ends Email Address
President: Brad Schaap May 2016 president@seaon.org
President-Elect:     president-elect@seaon.org
Secretary: Nancy Melby May 2016 secretary@seaon.org
Treasurer: Mike Kuhse May 2016 treasurer@seaon.org
Past-President: Richard Kotan May 2016 past-president@seaon.org
Director A:   May 2017 directora@seaon.org
Director B: Richard Kotan May 2016 directorb@seaon.org
Director C: Mike Eisenbarth May 2016 directorc@seaon.org
Director D: Rob Whorley May 2016 directord@seaon.org
Director E: Jeff Ehler May 2016 directore@seaon.org
Director F: Mike Naccarato May 2017 directorf@seaon.org
Director G: Jeff Stevens May 2016 directorg@seaon.org
Director H: Eric Fossum May 2016 directorh@seaon.org
Director J: Brandon Kyle May 2016 directorj@seaon.org